Lagos Central Mosque

Lagos Central Mosque is an important jum’at mosque in Lagos Island and home of the Chief Imam of Lagos. It is located along the busy Nnamdi Azikiwe Street. The current Mosque was opened for use in May 1988, displacing an earlier mosque that was built between 1908 and 1913. The chief Imam leads jumat service at the Mosque and he is the custodian of the mosque. Over the years, titles have been given to individuals by officials of the mosque’s executive council. A prominent title is the Baba Adinni, first held by a Mr. Runmonkun, and recently bestowed on A.W. Elias, Wahab Folawiyo and Abdul Hafiz Abou. The first two title holders played significant roles in the construction of a new modern mosque.

Opened by President Babangida on May 28, 1988, the new mosque was built by G. Cappa Ltd. It has four prominent minarets, two small and two tall ones, the smaller ones are placed on top of the entrance and the taller ones flanked the west and east wing of the building. The building space is about one acre and consumes 50 metres of space along Nnamdi Azikiwe. The new building entrance leads to a riwaq, accentuated by decorated columns and beside it is the courtyard or Sahn.

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